Join the remarkable journey to Taos Retirement Village. You’ve lived an extraordinary life, now enjoy the peace of mind of living in a senior community that lets you truly be yourself. Much like the town of Taos, Taos Retirement Village is a venue for artists, writers, musicians and active people, who all draw on a lifetime of experiences to live an enriched life each new day.

Taos Retirement Village is a serene and creative community, with beautiful grounds and gardens, a knowledgeable and highly skilled staff, and exceptionally designed and constructed apartments and casitas. With a convenient location in the heart of Taos, our village enables active residents to pursue their interests, celebrate old friendships and make new ones.

We believe in creating a supportive environment that enables you to maintain a sense of identity both through independence and autonomy and through caring relationships within the community of Taos Retirement Village. We recognize aging as a vibrant phase of rediscovery, peace, joy and comfort.

Explore exciting opportunities in the community of Taos. Enjoy the many sides of who you are. Continue to learn, create, contribute, connect and grow in the vital community of Taos Retirement Village.