Taos Retirement Village is an active, thriving community for everyone over the age of 55. The residents who live here come from a variety of locations and professions. Some have lived in Taos “forever”, some have moved to Taos to be nearer their children and grandchildren, while others have come to enjoy the myriad of outdoor activities, the culture and natural beauty.

Regardless of why you move to Taos Retirement Village, you will be glad you did. Our eclectic community of artists, educators, authors, crafts men and women, poets, musicians, business people and renegades bring their unique gifts to our Village, as will you.

Taos Retirement Village, with its beautiful grounds and gardens, is perfectly situated in the Town of Taos. We are next door to the Taos Public Library and Town Hall. Farmers Market is an easy walk or bike ride a few blocks away on the historic Taos Plaza, where you will also find an abundance of restaurants and shops.

If you enjoy skiing on the mountain or at the cross-country ski area, we do that. If you enjoy theater, opera, classical music, and educational venues we do that, too. If you like casinos we have one right here in Taos. Dining out? We have you covered, and if you prefer solitude, we respect that need.

We believe in creating a supportive environment that enables you to maintain a sense of identity through independence and autonomy and through caring relationships within the community of Taos Retirement Village. 575-758-8248