Village Bistro & Center for the Arts

At Taos Retirement Village there is opportunity to become part of an active and carefree environment, designed for your specific needs. To offer residents a higher quality of life, we decided to create a community within a community- the Community Center for the Arts. This space supports the already established sense of community by allowing residents to participate in educational or leisure activities, tend to their well-being, share individual talents, or just discover an entirely new passion.

Browse through the generously stocked library. Be inspired by the resident art gallery. Attend a community play or speaking event at the large theater space. Meet your friends for a mid-morning cup of coffee. It’s your choice and our pleasure.

Within the Community Center for the Arts is the Village Bistro, which offers luncheons and breakfasts. Tempting aromas will draw you into a sun-filled dining area, where you can enjoy delicious food created by our experienced chefs. Menus include quiches, homemade soups, fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit and gourmet casseroles.

The Village Bistro also caters to individual residents with different dietary needs. With its beautiful decor, the Village Bistro will surely be a place to share a meal with other residents or bring a guest.

Explore and renew with the Community Center for the Arts.